11 Best Features of iOS 11

11 Best Features of iOS 11

While the hype around the new iPhone is justified, there’s a lot to be excited about even if you don’t have the latest hardware from Apple. As long as you have the iPhone 5s or a newer device, you will get the iOS 11 update for free. This is a big software update with a lot of exciting new features and here are 11 of our favourites.


1. App Store
The biggest improvement in iOS 11 is the App Store. Curation has always been Apple’s strength and now it has become even better. The App Store on iOS 11 is full of big cards that tell you more about apps and games. You could find an in-depth article on how to get better at Pokemon Go, or apps for meditation, with download links to each app mentioned in the piece, while on the App Store. This means that you get a lot more guidance while looking for apps, and it gives curation a personal touch. The App Store also divides apps and games into separate sections, which is a positive change.

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2. Quick setup for new iPhone
With iOS 11, you can quickly import your preferences and iCloud Keychain passwords to a new iPhone or iPad by simply bringing your older iOS device close to the new one. This is similar to the Apple Watchsetup process, and is pretty smooth.

3. Files
There is a new file manager app in iOS 11 called Files. It allows you to access files stored on your iPhone or iPad and on cloud storage services such as iCloud Drive, Dropbox, and Google Drive. This is a big feature because it’s essentially a file manager app for iOS 11, although it’s still got plenty of room to improve right now.

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4. Control Centre
You can now customise the Control Centre on iOS. If you don’t want the standard torch, timer, calculator, and camera buttons, or if you want to reorder them, head to Settings > Control Centre > Customise Controls.

5. iMessage
iMessage apps are no longer hidden under two layers, as iOS 11 puts them just one tap away. From stickers to apps, everything is now easier to access in iMessage. If you’re in regions where Apple Payworks, you can also use that to send or receive money via iMessage.

6. QuickType keyboard gets a one-handed mode
Apple’s default QuickType keyboard has a big new feature on iPad. It shows symbols and numbers above every key, and you can quickly input them simply by swiping down on the key. This saves a lot of time and it’s good to see Apple putting the iPad’s extra screen space to good use. If you are on an iPhone, you get a new one-handed keyboard mode. Simply hold the Emoji key and select the one-handed keyboard, if you’re an expert at typing with one thumb.

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