4 Types of Self Storage Units

You can find several self-storage facility rental units in different sizes and shapes. These could range from a small closet sized storage space to a huge garage sized one enough to fit all your belongings. There is no one particular storage space that is perfect for everyone. Self-storage is also extremely flexible and allows you to choose between short term storage and long term storage and also allows you to add features such as climate control. Listed below are four main types of self-storage units:

  1. Climate controlled units: these are currently a very popular trend in self-storage units. These units allow you to control specific features such as temperature and humidity levels and this are especially useful when you need to store objects such as electronic appliances, art pieces, and jewellery. In places such as Singapore, where the temperature constantly fluctuates along with the humidity, there is a higher risk of these devices getting infected by fungi, mould, and corrosion. Climate controlled units help reduce the possibility of your devices getting damaged.
  2. Furniture storage units: as the name itself suggests, furniture storage units are used to store furniture related items like beds, wardrobes, and tables. These are a relatively new concept in the storage unit sphere and the size of it can be up to a HDB bedroom.
  3. Drive up storage units: this is the most convenient type of storage unit available today. This is a relatively large size of storage unit, almost the size of a small garage. The best thing about this type of storage unit is that the truck can simply drive to the back of your house, unload all the items and leave. You don’t have to be involved in transporting your belongings over long distances where you could end up damaging them.
  4. Vehicle storage units: vehicle storage units are the best for those who require security features to store their expensive luxury vehicles ranging from cars to antique bikes to personal yachts. This is the best alternative to using a berth for your yacht which will simply result in unnecessarily high bills. These storage units offer CCTV cameras, fingerprint access, and wireless controls.

With the number of storage facilities available in the market, you need to conduct extensive research before you figure out which suits you and your needs best. You can gather information from different resources or you can simply go to your nearest storage facility and speak to the staff there!