7 arrested for smuggling stolen mobile phones to Nepal

7 arrested for smuggling stolen  mobile phones to Nepal

New Delhi: Delhi Police on Sunday said that they have arrested seven persons involved in sending stolen and robbed mobile phones to Nepal.

The investigating agency has recovered as many as 311 mobile phones worth more than 60 lakh.

“The snatchers/robbers used to steal the mobile phones handed it over to a middle man who further handed it over to the Kingpin of the gang for sending it to Nepal,” police said.

The Nepalese receiver had a salaried employee in Delhi used to coordinate the movements of these mobile phones from Delhi to Nepal and would also facilitate the payment for these phones through illegal channels of monetary transactions.

Police have also received a complaint that on May 25, a woman came to Connaught Place and one boy riding on a scooty snatched her mobile phones.

DCP (Crime) Rajesh Deo said that the accused disclosed that they had worked in the Gaffar market for the last couple of years as a mobile repairman.

“However due to the regular raids by police agencies and fall in the rates of mobile phones, the job of repairing and resale of mobile phones had much decreased,” added DCP Deo.

In the last couple of years, the demand for used high-end mobile phone had increased in Nepal and other neighbouring countries.

As the IMEI search of the stolen snatched mobile phone is restricted within India, this gave them a new channel to dispose of the stolen, robbed, mobile phones.

“The regular bus transport services made it possible to send the mobile phone to Nepal,” added DCP Crime Branch.