Android 6.0.1 promises a major usability update for Samsung’s edge devices

A leaked video showcases a new versatile app model for advanced edge functionality on the S6 edge.

Marshmallow is definitely the new buzz-word in the Android realm and even though a lucky few are already enjoying dozing, the new runtime permission model and many other goodies, most users are still eagerly awaiting their OTA. As a leading authority in the realm, a lot of pressure is on Samsung to deliver a new and improved experience to millions of users and by the looks of things, the Korean giant intends to do things right and be on its best game.

A newly unearthed video of what appears to be a genuine Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, running Android 6.0.1 gives us a hint of the lengths Samsung has gone to, striving for the best possible Marshmallow experience. From the looks of things, the OEM’s edged devices are in for a major functionality overhaul in relation to their curved panels. The clip showcases a new app model to take advantage of said form factor.

The apps are divided into two categories – Edge feeds for receiving information at a glance and Edge panels for added functionality. During the quick overview we spot quite a few new apps, working on the curve, presumably part of the default bundle. These include My Apps for recently used apps, Task for commonly used apps, Quick Tools, S Planner, Weather, Twitter, Yahoo, and Sports. However, links to the Galaxy Store definitely suggest that the new app type is expandable and more experiences are on the way.