AQUA MOBILES launches Aqua Jazz

A few years back, three genius techies – Mr. Arvind K. Adukia, Mr. Govind Bansal and Mr. Abhishek Adukia met in New Delhi, they exchanged their views, discussed their interests and unanimously decided to create a brand which may understand the specific needs and preferences of the Indian customers in developing customised cell phones. A brand which could earn customers’ trust in the Indian mobile phone market.

Finally, Aqua born; the brainchild of three innovators first unveiled in New Delhi, India, in the year 2009 and soon after they have embarked in the overseas market from their International Head office in Hong Kong. Today, Aqua phones are available in almost all the multi brand stores and leading shopping malls across the country. In addition, Aqua Mobiles performed very well in the virtual market and their sale is phenomenal on all the big e-commerce portals such as Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal.

All the three founding members of the Aqua Mobiles believe in smart technology, unmatched quality and reasonable price, that’s why they have always focused on these three key factors, and they never wasted the precious resources of the organization in unnecessary advertising and promotional activities. They all want to invest intelligently in resources that create innovative avenues to meet the demands and expectations of their target audience. According to Mr. Govind Bansal, “We believe, there is no better promotional or marketing activity than the ‘positive word of mouth publicity’ by a satisfied and delighted customer. For Aqua Mobiles, our satisfied consumers are best brand ambassadors for us.”


To become a respectable, important and a leading player in the mobile industry in India by the end of 2016.


To provide practical, user friendly and affordable technological solutions to the common man, which can make their lives easier, simpler and happier.


To comply ethical, innovative and transparent business policies for the mutual benefits of the organisation and its stakeholders.

Short Term Objective

To figure Aqua Mobiles in the top 5 mobile handset brands in India.

Long Term Objective

To expand in the international business and must be reckoned as an important player in the global telecommunications and consumer electronics industry.

Product Differentiation

Aqua Mobiles offer a vast product range that competes with all the major international brands on quality, aesthetics, durability and usage. Beyond these, price is the core competency of the Aqua Mobiles that caters quality basic cell phones at a price as low as Rs. 750 and a smart hi-end phone at just Rs. 2,999.  No other brand in the country stands equal to Aqua in terms of quality, features and price parameters.