Batman Just Debuted His Most Effective New Gadget

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Unlike most of his fellow heroes, Batman has no superhuman abilities to make his war on crime easier. He’s instead forced to use his physical prowess, mental power and technological innovations to help him stop his many enemies. This means his ever-expanding arsenal always has to be capable of bringing down foes, no matter how fearsome.

Now, the Dark Knight’s newest (and smallest) gadget might be his most effective yet, helping him easily bring down multiple formidable opponents all at once.


Batman’s wealth of gadgets and tools helps make his mission to defeat crime in Gotham all the more possible. On top of his massive vehicles and plethora of weapons, he also has a number of major inventions that make his crime-fighting easier. While some of them are as low-tech as basic tools, there are many incredible gadgets that utilize much of the most advanced technology in the world. Many of these items are designed by Lucius Fox, a brilliant inventor who works for Bruce Wayne. Lucius has positioned himself as the main support system for Batman, taking over for the recently killed Alfred. But his newest creations may have taken Bruce to a whole new level, even beyond just serving as Bruce’s “man in the chair”.

The more obvious new invention is known as the Dark Knight — a massive transforming vehicle that Batman is able to remotely deploy. But it’s a smaller gadget that can be used from the ship that might be more useful in the long-run. When the Dark Knight deploys a large hook that’s more than capable of bringing down major structures, it also discretely drops off a number of marble-sized projectors. These little devices, called Shadowcasters, can latch onto a target, which is why it deploys multiple at the same time.

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The Shadowcasters allow Batman to have an awareness of his target and their movements, essentially serving as a personal tracker so the hero can keep an eye on his foes even as they scatter. Each one of these devices can also be used to project shadows in the shape of Batman wherever they go, keeping criminals on edge and unable to regain control of the situation. This can easily trick enemies into believing they know where Batman is. The four enemies that are targeted by the Shadowcasters in Issue #86 (Merlyn, Chesire, Gunsmith and Mister Teeth), each believe they are luring Batman into a trap but in reality, they’re just opening themselves up for easy targeting.

This shows how useful this device could be. It’s an easy way to track enemies and keep them distracted while allowing Batman the chance to place the majority of his attention on another specific threat. It’s a very effective tool, proving able to trick incredibly skilled killers like Merlyn and Chesire. These are villains who are usually capable of bringing down many major heroes all on their own. All of this allows Batman to corral them with relative ease while being engaged in a one-on-one fight with someone like Deathstroke. Using just one gadget, he’s able to stop four threats at once. If nothing else, this mission has been an impressive test run for the device — showing just how effective it could be against even less skilled enemies. Going forward, Batman should try his best to use this device as much as possible, making his crime-fighting mission easier in the process.