Becoming a Notary may Offer Surprising Benefits

You may not know much about notaries, except that they are required when signing certain documents. They have a stamp and need to see proof of your identity unless you’re fortunate enough to have a friend who carries this certification. Becoming a notary is something that some professions require, but you don’t need to have a specific reason for getting this designation. Check out some of the reasons why a notary may be a good fit for you.

Getting Certified Doesn’t Take Long

Requirements for becoming a notary vary from state to state, so knowing what is required where you live is essential. However, from the time you file your notary application to receiving your certification may take as little as four weeks in some places. In other states that require more training or classes, it may take up to nine weeks.

Extra Income

One of the best parts about being a notary is the potential to make extra money. Notaries can charge for their services, and rates may be entirely up to you. You can also become a mobile notary for businesses like law firms, realtors and mortgage companies. You could set your hours for picking up work and taking it to people for execution and witnessing. Home closings always require the presence of a notary as a witness.

Officiating Weddings

As a notary, you are granted the authority to officiate at a wedding. You may be asked to witness and fill out the marriage certificate, or you may be asked to perform the nuptials. A notary has the same power as a minister and can legally perform a marriage ceremony and file the paperwork making it legal.

Being a notary is a great responsibility, but with so much versatility, you have the power to pick and choose what services you offer and when you work.