The Benefits of Owning a Water Purifier cum Cooler

One of the most practical and convenient appliances that technology has given us is a water cooler. It lets you have purified water instantly just by pressing a lever. We commonly find water coolers in homes and offices and are very well aware of its benefits. These include:

  • Boost savings as aerated drinks and bottled water cost much more than installing a water cooler
  • An environment-friendly option
  • Get access to purified as well as cool drinking water
  • No need for two different appliances for water purification and cooling

With the constant evolution of technology, we now have a water cooler with purifier. It means that there is an inbuilt purifier installed in a water cooler,which is usually an RO (Reverse Osmosis) purifier.

The benefits of owning a water purifier cum cooler are:

Access to Clean and Safe Drinking Water

As the water gets purified before getting dispensed using a state-of-the-art technology, you are sure to have a supply of clean and safe drinking water. In summer, it is best as you get cool water that is safe too to quench your thirst.

Save Additional Expenses

In case you opt for awater cooler with purifier, you don’t need to get an additional purification system. Having two separate appliances means that there’s the inconvenience of maintaining them separately and also the additional maintenance costs are high. By having a two-in-one appliance, you save on both these fronts.


As these purifiers are attached to direct water supply, there is no need to use refill water cans. The less the plastic we use, the better it is for our environment as plastics are non-degradable and very harmful to the environment.

Beneficial forAlmost All Water Qualities

The water in your area may have biological contaminants or higher TDS (Total Dissolved Salts) in it. Themultistage purification process used in the water coolers will be able to take care of both these and make water perfectly suitable for consumption.

Good Storage Capacity

As the storage capacity of awater cooler with purifier is around 20 litres, they are ideal for big commercial establishments or areas that have large footfalls. It is often considered as the moral responsibility of organisations to provide the basic necessities to the people working for it. Providing clean and safe drinking water falls under this mandatory moral responsibility.

Prevents Damage to Body

In summer, the water requirements of the human body increases and people like to have cool water to quench their thirst. In the absence of such water coolers, they often end up buying colas and other aerated drinks, which are not good for health. Further, since water is a good solvent, it helps in eliminating the toxins from the body. In absence of it, the kidneys don’t work optimally leading to many problems.

The benefits of owning a water purifier cum cooler are immense and it is highly recommended to invest in it for healthy living.