Best Personal Finance Blogs in India – Top 11 in 2021

Which are the best personal finance blogs in India? Which are the best personal finance websites in India?First of all, you need to understand the difference between a personal finance blog and personal finance website.

best personal finance blogs in India

Though there is not much of a difference in a website and a blog, a personal finance blog is where the author regularly updates the content. While in a website, products and services are regularly updated. Most of the websites nowadays have blogs as it helps them to get good ranking on Google pages.

So let us compile a list of blogs and websites for personal finance and check the philosophy of the authors. As you know, everyone has different goals in personal finance, so you can decide about the best personal finance blogs in India basis on the content and your requirements.

I am compiling a list of personal finance blogs in India according to my experience. You may have different views and you can express the same in the comment section. I would be happy to include the same in my article.

These blogs are not on the basis of Alexa ranks or Facebook/Twitter followers as these things can be easily tweaked nowadays.

One more advice before we start − Personal Finance is very personal. The articles in the blogs can be very generic. What works for anyone else may not work for you as you may have different financial goals. So be careful while applying the generic principles in your personal finance.

Best Personal Finance Blogs in India in 2021

Here is a list of top personal finance blogs in India for 2021

  1. Jagoinvestor
  2. Subramoney
  3. Freefincal
  4. Finvin
  5. TFLguide
  6. BasuNivesh
  7. ReLakhs
  8. CharteredClub
  9. SafalNiveshak
  10. PersonalFinancePlan
  11. AIFW

Finance Blogs for Beginners India


This was the first personal finance blog I started reading way back in 2011-12. The articles were good and Manish Chauhan (the author of Jagoinvestor) was a craze. There were hardly any personal finance blogs operating at that point in time. You search for any article in Google, Jagoinvestor was on top. The writings were simple and easy to understand.

Times changed and so does Jagoinvestor. I am not saying Manish does not write good articles, he still does. But the focus seems to be shifted towards selling products.

So initially, we used to get a lot of articles from Jagoinvestor, now the content update has slowed down. And yes, the market is now filled with personal finance bloggers like me who are telling about the best personal finance websites in India.

Jagoinvestor blog is still a very good read if you go through their archives. Jagoinvestor has recently changed its website design and logo. Start reading from the beginning or you can find the content according to your requirements.


If you are new to personal finance, this is the best personal finance blog in India for beginners. Subramoney does not tell you how to invest or where to invest.

It tells you about your behaviour towards finance. Most of the articles in Subramoney blog are sarcasm about your behaviour towards finance. On the top of it, it does not tell you how to rectify it.

But it gives you a hint towards changing your attitude towards personal finance, it is your wish − take it or leave it.

Finvin Financial Planner

Melvin Joseph − you must be hearing about him in a lot of newspapers nowadays. This guy is a personal finance wizard.

The problem with his blog is that the content is very less but whatever has been written, even a layman can understand. The concepts are clear and to the point.

The other problem is about the website layout, the website looks very unprofessional. You may not be confident enough to read the articles. But guys, go through the content and you will love it.


Who doesn’t know about Pattu in personal finance space? I seriously don’t know why is he doing such a selfless service.

Pattu started the personal finance blog with calculators, now he writes everything. You can see an article every alternate day. Being an IIT professor, how does he get so much of time, I need to ask him personally.

This seems to be one of the best personal finance blogs in India as it gives you end-to-end solutions.

Whether you should invest in mutual funds or not; should you take insurance, gilt funds, balanced funds. He first prepares you to invest and then tells you about the best instruments to invest.

The only drawback I feel with Freefincal is that sometimes he gets too technical with graphs and charts.

The number of articles is huge; you would not be able to read all. So select a few ones according to your requirements.

The Financial Literate (TFLGuide)

How can I forget Hemant Beniwal? Hemant Beniwal and Manish Chauhan are the ones who started teaching people about personal finance. Way back in 2011-12, these guys were competing with each other.

TFLGuide is also one of the best personal finance blogs in India.

These days, Hemant is not writing much. Maybe, he is not getting time or there must be some other reason.

TFLGuide could not succeed because the blog does not write on Google keywords. Hemant writes from his heart, but to get visitors from Google, it is very much necessary to write on keywords.


6 years and BasuNivesh has grown like anything. The guy, Basavaraj Tonagatti is a real hard worker. He never stopped writing. The best part about this blog is that you will find every small thing here. Basu started writing about the very basic problem of finance which people face in today’s financial world like finding LIC policy status or downloading your LIC premium receipt.

BasuNivesh is one of the best personal finance blogs in India.

So if you want to find any reviews about the LIC product or looking for something like the best mutual funds in India. Go and visit Basu’s blog.


The blog is run by Sreekanth Reddy. It is also one of the best personal finance blogs in India. Somehow, I found it very interesting that BasuNivesh and ReLakhs have the same sort of content. If Sreekanth Reddy is writing some article on a topic, you will find the same topic on BasuNivesh after a few days and vice versa.

ReLakhs talks about insurance, mutual funds, banking, and property. You name anything in personal finance; these guys cover most of the content.

Chartered Club

If you want to know about taxation in a simple language, Chartered Club is your destination.

The blog does not use jargons about taxation. You will find what you are searching for.

Karan Batra has made taxation articles so simple that even I feel that I am a chartered accountant. A CA by profession, Karan decided to start a blog. I must say, a brave decision but the guy is doing good in blogging.

Safal Niveshak

So you are on the lookout for the best personal finance blogs, you must have invested in stocks, shares at some point in time. You may have done intraday trading or have played derivatives. But this is not what Safal Niveshak will tell you.

Vishal Khandelwal talks about the long-term investing in stocks. If you are thinking of immediate gains in the stock markets by reading this blog, you would be disappointed.

Safal Niveshak talks about investing, investing in a proper way and not gambling.


This is one of my favourite personal finance blog. The articles are real good, in-depth and knowledgeable.

But now the blog is handled by Deepesh Raghaw.

Asan Ideas for Wealth (AIFW)

AIFW is not a blog, it’s an experience of 40,000 members.

Asan Ideas for Wealth is a Facebook group which has approx. 40,000 members. If you have any query, post it in this group and people will give you the solutions according to their own experience. You can choose the solution according to your need.

Ashal Juhari is the administrator of the group. If you are in some serious personal financial trouble, get in personal chat option with Ashal. He will help you with his experience and knowledge.

Pattu (Freefincal) is another contributor to this group who tries to answer your queries.

A word of precaution here. Do not join this group if you want to promote your products. Even with 50k members, no one dares to promote their products in this group.

Now there are few best personal websites in India too but these websites are more about selling products. They will definitely provide you knowledge but the product push is more on these websites.