Better chat notification features with new Telegram update

Telegram announced a new update on for the messaging app on Aug 27. — Reutersv4.9.1 – is all about letting users have more control over the instant messaging application. The company released a statement on Aug 27 to introduce added features with the new update.

For starters, users can now easily transfer any data like chats and images onto another storage space with just a few taps. This feature is available with Telegram Desktop. Install the application on your computer then click Settings > Export Telegram Data.

Got a particular conversation with a significant other that may be useful for future arguments? Export individual messaging data by clicking Menu in any chat window and then click Export Chat History. All the data will be readily accessible offline.

The other added feature is Exceptions which allows for more flexibility in managing message notifications. If you have a relative who sends too many cheesy “Good Morning” messages or a chatty colleague you don’t care for in a group chat; mute these folks under the Exceptions list.

Then there’s the improved Telegram Passport. Introduced on July 26 as a tool that manages your interaction with third party apps, the new update promises better data protection. It also added new integrated projects like Cryptopay, ICOadmin and more that you can use with Telegram Passport.