Checking Before Shipping

Before sending any kind of package out the door, it needs to be tested to ensure that the contents are secure and to ensure that it’s properly labeled and addressed. If there are any concerns, then the best decision would be to remove the contents and package them once again so that you know the product will get delivered as it should. If you’re sending out medical supplies and equipment, then you need to apply the proper labels to let the receiver know that the contents are fragile and how they should be stored.

There are a few ways that you can conduct packaging testing to determine if the items you’re sending out are secure in the box and that the container is secure itself. Look at the tape that is on the package. It shouldn’t be coming off of the container, and the tape should be marked with the appropriate words if there are items inside that are fragile or that are hazardous.

Find out about the shipping regulations for items that are sent through the mail or through a shipping service. There are sometimes regulations about the size of the package. If it’s too large, then it needs to be sent in a different manner other than through the postal service. If the items that are inside the package should be stored a certain way, such as in a refrigerator, then you need to ensure that they will be kept in this kind of environment until they are delivered.

Consider the costs associated with a package. If the costs outweigh the money that you’re going to make from the items that are inside, then you might want to consider delivering the package yourself instead of shipping it through the mail. Attach the proper tracking numbers to the package so that you and customers will know where it’s located at all times.