Why You Should Choose Angular for Your Next Web App

Angular is comparatively new JavaScript framework introduced by Google. It is designed to ease the front end development in a web development program with variation in frameworks and plugins. It also allows you to deal with the client side model same as server side. Angular framework consist of various tools which are interconnected and thus giving an integrated results.

The must read advantages of using Angular are mentioned below which makes it inevitable for developing a web app today.

  1. It is a google framework

Angular is developed by google engineers and thus proves their efficiency and reliability just like any other framework by google. Basically the realization of a web written only in Java, made Google come up with Angular which focuses on client side app development with a solid foundation.

  1. Creates software quickly with ease

Angular introduced the ng-model and ng-class directives which can perform many common operations. Moreover, two way data binding and saving is pretty easy with use of Angular, which would have otherwise consumed a lot of time.

  1. It is a diversified framework

It requires no other plugins of frameworks and suffices the complete needs for rapid front end development with its salient features such as facilitating data for interaction from the server end, views and controllers can be easily turned into navigable URLs, operation of HTML like XML with opportunities for tags.

  1. Quick start up

It was never so easy to start up with a framework as it is with Angular. Once you add a few attributes to your HTML, your simple Angular app may be created within few minutes. Sounds unbelievable!! Just try the framework if you don’t believe it. Hire angularjs developers for quick launch of your product.

  1. Facilitates collaboration with people

As most of the people associated with developing MVC server-side software, are familiar with model using as source of truth, it becomes easy to select this framework. Angular also facilitates creation of components which can be shared amongst developers. Many use directive bridge library to add a function in their existing project.

  1. Implementation of MVC is easy

Unlike other frameworks which require splitting your app into MVC components and then recoding to combine them, angular just demands splitting the app into MVC components, thereby doing all the task by itself. It acts as mediator preventing the developers to shorten their code due to rewriting.

  1. Plain old data models are used as data models

Angular uses plain old JavaScript objects (POJO) and allows you to add or change properties directly followed by looping and arraying according to your wish. This will give a cleaner look to your code. Angular also observes changes in properties and provides an automatic update.

  1. Decrement in writing codes

No MVC pipeline rewriting is required. Use of HTML view makes it more concise. Data models can be written without getters/ setters. No manual input for data is required. Directives being separate can be written by a separate team simultaneously with the app code. It is so much advantageous as lesser codes are to be written.

  1. Facilitates Context awareness communication

A decoupled communication is allowed by a PubSub system. However there are no filters for contact awareness and restriction on the readability of the message by a particular MVC component. In Angular, PubSub controls the broadcasting of message as directed to do. Moreover, Angular also allows automatic updates on the changes made in the current scope.

  1. Readiness for Unit testing

Angular is linked by Dependency Injection (DI) to manage controllers. Angular also possess a mock HTTP provider to inject fake server responses into controller. This approach overcomes troubles of all the traditional approaches of testing web apps by creating individual test pages which can check each component and then interact to find out its working.

These were the few reasons why Angular should be used in your next web app. Though there are few limitations of Angular, it is the today’s tool for developing web applications. Choosing AngularJS Development Companies would be a better choice if your goto market is less than 3 months. With a skilled team, you can create a customized framework which can give you the desired results.