How To Choose the Right Glock for Home Defense

Handguns have long been considered the standard when it comes to home defense firearms, Glocks being a personal favorite for many. Though many have cited certain Glock models as being the best for home defense, the perfect firearm for you will be dependent on your personal preferences. Go over the list below to help determine your individual needs before you choose what Glock to add to your arsenal at home.

Your Experience

Are you a long-time gun owner or new to firearms? If you are new to gun ownership, look for types of Glocks that are known for being easy to maintain and handle. One popular example is the Glock 17 which is known as being the weapon of choice for law enforcement worldwide. The ideal Glock for beginners will be easy to clean, have easy to manage ammo and be easy to use.

Gun Size

The ideal gun size for you will be heavily dependent upon whether you will keep your Glock at home or also use it for concealed carry. For those who want to concealed carry, a smaller handgun is ideal. For a Glock that is kept at home, consider a full-sized model. A full-sized model will offer a better grip and help cushion against the recoil.


While the most logical choice seems to be to go for the most stopping power, you should always pick the caliber that you can handle most effectively. For some, a handgun with less recoil may be ideal. If you are new to gun ownership, spend some time at a range with a variety of rental handguns to learn your comfort zone.

The first step to picking the right gun for home defense is knowing what firearm models you can wield best. By knowing what your preferences are, you can choose the most effective handgun for protecting your home.