DU admissions: Economics, English, BCom honours only for those who scored 90% and above

DU admissions

The first Delhi University (DU) cut-off for many courses has dipped across colleges, a first in many years, but the DU dream still remains far for those who have scored below 90% and wish to study Honours courses in Economics, Bcom and English.

All the colleges that offer these courses have kept the cut-off at 90% and above, with 95% and above being the cut-off for a majority of colleges.

There are 38 colleges offering Economics (Hon) and 35 of them have kept the cut-off at 95% and above. The rest three have kept it at 90% and above, and none has below 90%. The highest cut-off is at SGTB Khalsa College at 98.25%.

Similarly, all 46 colleges that offer English (Hon) have kept the cut-off at 90% and above; 27 of them have set the limit at 95% and above. English was the second most sought after course with 1,28,842 applicants opting for the course.

BCom (Hon) is available at 90% and above at all 54 colleges that offer the course, and in fact, at 48 colleges, the cutoff is 95% and above.

Economics (Hon) and BCom (Hon) are among the top 10 courses in terms of the number of applicants opting for them. “The cut-offs for these courses are usually kept higher to avoid over-admission. In off-campus colleges, the cut-off may come down in the second list,” said a DU official, who did not wish to be named.

But students who have scored below 90% need not lose hope, as there are options available for them in many colleges for sought out courses like History, Political Science, and BA Programme. Other courses like Hindi, Sanskrit, and Social Work are also available mostly in the range of 70-80%.

BA Programme, which is the most sought after course at DU, is available at 90% and below, with 30 colleges out of the total 50 that offer the course. Over 1.4 lakh students have applied for this course.

Out of the 42 colleges that offer History, 18 have kept the cut-off below 90%. The cut-off is 75% at Bhagini Nivedita and 78% at Bharati College.

Political Science is available at 90% and above at 35 colleges out of the total 45 that offer the course, but three colleges have a lower cut-off — Bhagini Nivedita at 80%, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee at 72%, Mata Sundri College at 74.5%.

Sanskrit, which is offered in 28 colleges, has the highest cut-off at 85% at Dyal Singh and lowest at Gargi College at 50%. Only in six colleges it is in the range of 70-80%, and the rest 22 colleges has it below 70%.