EXCLUSIVE: Samsung Galaxy S7 to come in three sizes, 5.1”, 5.5” and 6”

Okay, so there has been a miscommunication. We talked some more with our contacts over atITSKINS and asked them to measure the screens of the Galaxy S7 family to try and cut through the multiple conflicting rumors. 5.7-inch screen? 5.5-inch? 6-inch? Curved, not curved?

From the info our contacts have, it turns out that Samsung will simplify the lineup instead of complicating it with small/big + curved/flat choices.

The base Samsung Galaxy S7 will have a flat 5.1″ screen, no curved option. The Galaxy S7 edge will have a bigger 5.5″ screen and there won’t be a flat-screened S7 of that size. The big-screened device, the Galaxy S7+, will have a 6″ screen and will be the only one to have two screen options.

Samsung Galaxy S7 (5.1″) • Galaxy S7 edge (5.5″) • Galaxy S7+ (6″)

Unless an additional version is planned (one for which ITSKINS doesn’t have any info), then your main choice will be screen size – small, medium, large. The medium and large versions will come with a curved screen so it will target style-conscious consumers.

Is this lineup better? Would you have wanted another 5.1″ Galaxy S edge model? If you did, well nothing is set in stone yet but chances are you’ll be disappointed.