Find the Best Phone At Just Below Rs. 20000

20K is definitely not a small amount. With all that cash resting in your wallet, you can surely hope to find the finest smartphone pumped up with all the latest features.

However, with 100s, or probably 1000s of options available, picking the right one can be a bit of a hassle. And if you are not too tech savvy, you may end up getting your hands on the wrong one.

Imagine you recently came across a stylish looking smartphone, one that can knock down every other fancy looking phone on the market. A glossy finish, righty placed controls, and a massive screen, it has all of this. And above all, you get to bring it home at just Rs. 19000. Awesome, isn’t it?

But Hey! Do you know what lies inside? Like they say, ‘looks can be deceptive’ and the same applies to a smartphone. So, make sure the one you pick has good looks as well as the best features onboard.

However, choosing may not be as easy as it sounds. A good amount of research is necessary while making a choice. There are chances you may come across 2 phones with almost the same features. Moreover, they both have the killer looks you are looking for. A good reason to get you scratching your head, isn’t it?

The best way to find the right phone is by comparing it with several others. Numerous online price comparison portals help you compare multiple gadgets in terms of their price and the features available. turns out to be the most popular one. The website lets you compare the prices of almost every gadget one can imagine.

So, if you have already shortlisted a few mobiles under 20000, ComparerRaja is where you should be heading to, for the most appropriate comparison. Apart from merely letting you compare the prices and the features, the website also informs you about the discount coupons available for the chosen products.

While comparing 2 or more smartphones, pay close attention to the internal features. For instance, if one phone costing you around 18K has an 8 MP camera and the other priced at Rs. 19K has a 16MP camera, it makes sense going for the one costing 19K. However, before you click the buy button, check out the public reviews to find out what they have to say about the camera. Do the same for the rest of the features.

With that being said, your prime motive should be to find the best smartphone at the lowest price. And, as mentioned in the beginning of the article, 20K is, in fact, a good budget to get you a feature-packed smartphone.

Finally, let’s talk a bit about branded and non-branded (not so popular) smartphones. Of course, having a branded smartphone is a good thing. But, that doesn’t mean the ones not too popular are rated to be inferior. In fact, most of the latest handset manufacturers are constantly working hard to offer the most powerful smartphones at an unimaginably low price. So, if a ‘popular brand’ is not something that’s on top of your list, you definitely have a good number of options at hand.