Foursquare wants to send you food and groceries when you don’t feel like checking in

foursquare new

Foursquare is all about discovering new places to visit, but for those times you don’t feel like venturing out, the app can now help bring takeout, booze, and groceries to you. The “location intelligence” company recently announced a new partnership with and mobile commerce platform Button.

Users living in or visiting the 36 cities where is available will soon see the site’s icon within the Foursquare app. Tap the icon next to a location that uses the service, and you will move from Foursquare to the app (or be encouraged to install it). That means you’ll have to sign-up for’s service to use the new integration. has options for restaurant, alcohol, and grocery deliveries depending on the partnerships in your area.

foursquare delivery

The story behind the story: This is actually the second big partnership with a delivery company in the U.S. In early 2014, Foursquare also announced a partnership with GrubHub Seamless (now just GrubHub). Integrating with delivery services is a smart strategy for Foursquare since it encourages people to keep using the app even if they aren’t going out. Foursquare owns a vast catalog of places complete with reviews and crowd-sourced advice on what to order making it an ideal starting point for services like and GrubHub.

The race for delivery

Foursquare may be one of the more popular options for checking out places near you, but it does face competitors with similar ambitions. Yelp partnered with and Eat24 in 2013—the company went on to buy Eat24 just one year ago. Uber is also moving, slowly, into the food delivery space with UberEats, but is reportedly struggling to make much headway.

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