What To Give Your Friends Who Just Had a Baby

If you know a couple who recently had a baby, you’re probably wondering what kind of gift to send. Flowers and baby clothes are nice, but what about something more original? Here are three things you can do for new parents that show you really care.

Offer To Babysit

What do new parents need most? Sleep! Being well-rested is essential to facing the challenges a newborn brings, and getting enough sleep can even help decrease the risk of postpartum depression for new moms. Offering to watch the baby for a couple of hours so that mom (or dad) can take a nap is a huge gift. If you’re up for it, you can even offer to sleep over and cover the nighttime feedings – just make sure you have your own naptime lined up for the next day!

Feed the Family

Getting out of the house to run errands can seem like an insurmountable feat for new parents, which means they probably haven’t been to the grocery store lately. You can offer to shop for them or even drop off ready-made meals, although fresh or premade foods can spoil quickly if they aren’t eaten right away. Meal gift baskets can be an even better solution. Many vendors offer these types of gift baskets in a range of cuisines and meal types, and they come with all the shelf-stable ingredients needed to prepare a set of meals – so parents can cook whichever meal they prefer, whenever it’s convenient.

Share What You Know

If you’re a parent yourself, then you probably know a lot of tips and tricks that can benefit the parents of an infant. What was the weird but effective way you always soothed your crying baby? What were the signs that told you a diaper change was coming? Give the gift of your insider knowledge!

Before you head to the baby clothes store, consider one of these unique gifts for new parents. Your time and thoughtfulness will mean a lot more than onesies and flowers – and will last a lot longer too.