Google Photos just got an awesome update – here’s what’s new

Google photosThis week Google held its annual Google I/O developers conference where it announced a host of major updates to some of its best known products, including Android, Google Assistant, Google News and Gmail.

It also revealed some useful new additions to the already excellent Google Photos, which is set to make the app even more popular.

At the event, Google revealed that it is bringing groundbreaking AI and machine learning that will help users transform their photos.

Improved sharing and automatic facial recognition

Google photos

Google Photos will use facial recognition to group together photographs of people, which it will then store in the same folder making it easier for you to share photos with people you perhaps attended the same event as or went on holiday with.

Based on who you have taken photos with before, Google Photos will recognise the people in the photos and offer to send them a link to the shared folder. It will then notify the people who you have taken photos of so that those photos also appear in their personal library.

Suggest improvements to photos

The new AI technology in Google Photos will be able to suggest instant improvements you can make to your snaps. The app will tell you when it thinks it can improve say the brightness of a photo or alter the contrast and you will be able to make these changes with just a single tap.

The suggestions on how to improve a photo will vary from each photo you have taken based on what the AI thinks can be improved.

More control over your photos

Google is adding a range of new filters to Google Photos which will help to give you greater control to the final look of your photos.

A new feature called Color Pop lets you desaturate the background of a photo while leaving the subject or foreground image in full colour.

Google has said that eventually, you’ll also be able to add colour to old black and white photos.