Google Play Store comments section adds spam button, thumbs up to better flag comments

google play store

Google is simplifying the system for giving feedback on Play Store app reviews.

You can now give a simple “thumbs up” if you like a comment or report it as spam if it’s rude, off-topic, or otherwise egregious.

This replaces the previous system where you would pick between a thumbs up or down to rate someone’s review. It’s clear that Google is trying to clean up the Play Store reviews. Giving it a “thumbs down” is a little ambiguous, and could imply that you just disagree.

play store buttons

Give a review a “thumbs up” or report it as spam with the newest tweak to the Play Store.

I spotted the change on my Nexus 6P right away, so this could be a rapid server-side rollout. From the Play Store, go to an app’s page and scroll down to select Read All Reviews. Then you’ll see the above list.

Why this matters: Google has made a number of changes to the Play Store lately, such as adding in-app promo codes and more prominently highlighting certain user reviews. It’s always a work in progress in order to improve the experience for developers and Android owners, so keep your eye open for new stuff.
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