Here’s What The Google Pixel XL 2 Could Look Like In ‘Very Silver,’ ‘Really Blue’

Following up on the recent render of the Google Pixel XL 2 or “Taimen,” images based on it have turned up, showing the phone in “Very Silver” and “Really Blue.”

Take note we’re specifically talking about the Pixel XL 2 here, not the Pixel 2 or “Walleye,” which is said to lose the 3.5mm headphone jack but retain the Pixel’s design, including the large bezels.

Pixel XL 2 Very Silver, Really Blue Renders

What Android Police shared with the world is the Pixel XL 2 in “Quite Black,” saying that it’s “exceptionally confident that this image represents the overall look and feel of Google’s new smartphone.”

Now these renders are far from an official leaked render or anything like that. Think along the lines of a fan whipping something up that shows the Pixel XL 2 in different color options.

While these won’t probably be what the Very Silver or Really Blue Pixel XL 2 will look like, they paint a pretty clear and impressive picture of what to expect from Google this 2017.

From the look of things, the second-generation Pixel XL will potentially be on par with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S8 in terms of design, sporting minimal bezels and a sleek and premium look. That’s not even taking into account the arguably better position of the fingerprint scanner (read: it’s not beside the rear camera).

One more thing worth noting here is that the Pixel XL 2 will have a significantly larger camera sensor than what its predecessor has. Put simply, it can possibly take great shots even in low-light conditions and a wide depth of field that’s comparable with a dual-camera setup.

In other words, it shouldn’t be much of a stretch to think it can achieve the no. 1 spot in DxOMark like what the original Pixel did.

Pixel XL 2 Design

At this point, it’s no surprise there’s not much to go by when it comes to what the Pixel XL 2 has under the hood, but Android Police did reveal a couple of interesting tidbits regarding design.

Now most of these align with previous rumors, particularly the fingerprint scanner’s placement in the aluminum chassis and 6-inch 1440p OLED display, which will have an 18:9 aspect ratio.

The rest include the removed antenna band, the reduced rear glass “window,” a wide speaker grille beside the front-facing camera, and a “squeezable frame,” just like the HTC U11.

Long story short, Google seems to be pulling out all the stops to dominate the smartphone market with the Pixel XL 2, but that unfortunately might not be the case with the Pixel 2, which could be sold as a cheaper alternative to the new Pixel XL.