Horse Jumps for Children

Child-sized horse jumps are designed to give young people a way to get their needed outdoor exercise while thinking of it as delightful FUN as they run and jump in the fresh air and use a perfect addition to the playground. A variety of styles of those kids horse jumps are available, and the children love the decorations and graphics of rainbows, ocean waves, polka dots, mushrooms, and more.

Also called “mini jumps,” they are similar to horse show jumps, but are for kids and pets. Designed to give children hours of safe fun, they also encourage healthy competition even from the pets. One girl taught her talented dog to watch her jump the course, say “Now it’s your turn,” and the dog would jump the course in the same order that she had!

They can be jumped in either direction. The height of the crossbars is quickly adjustable even by little hands with the crossbars being very light so that they will dislodge from the cups if struck. Built tough for durability possible for years of use, they can be passed from one child down to others. Available accessories are things like walls, mini jumping poles, jump cups, gates, coops, and more.

The whole jump set can be set up or put away in just a few minutes and can be stored in a corner of the garage or a shed. It can also tuck neatly into a corner of the vehicle when the family wants to take it along for recreation on vacations and holidays.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that children, just like adults, should spend one or more hours each day doing moderate to vigorous aerobic exercising. The idea of daily exercise should be perceived positively by the child. Research has shown that even children who are not overweight have become less fit over this past decade, and, if not overeating, being inactive may exact a price in their future health.

Globally, the fitness of children’s lungs and hearts is declining by 4.3 percent a decade. The blame is given to too much of a sedentary lifestyle while spending long hours in front of computer screens, electronic devices, and television.