Horses Need Insurance, Too!

Million-dollar businesses can center around horses, as can simple home operations. Whether it is boarding, training, therapy, or riding, the four-legged equines can be a very valuable part of the whole. That is why you may wish to consider a general insurance policy that protects your business, your animals, and your future. Here are three reasons why horses need insurance too.

Problems Can Arise

Horses are expensive to maintain on a regular basis, but when they become ill and require a vet’s care, the bills can become overwhelming. Health insurance for horses can help counter the cost of medical care and surgical needs. Whether it is an illness, disease, or a vandal, your horse deserves the best treatment possible. Insurance can help cover the costs of respiratory infections, lacerations, hoof problems, and strains.

Liability Coverage

The term liability suit is thrown around when large animals such as horses are around small children or the incapacitated individual. If your horse is provided for such individuals to ride, even while closely attended, accidents can occur and that opens the way for a liability suit. Protect yourself and your animals with equine insurance that covers your liability and all defense costs that may be incurred.

Unknown Care

Sometimes the care of your horse is out of your control because you need to board the animal with someone else. This means the care givers probably train, exercise, and tend for your horse while you are away or unable to be with your mount. Before you turn complete control of your beloved animal over to another person, make sure they have insurance that completely covers death, theft, and injury of your animal and anyone working with the four-legged creature.

Selecting insurance coverage for your horse can help you protect your valuable animal with protection against theft, injury, and illness. With insurance, you don’t have to let a simple problem overwhelm you or your horse.