How outsourcing companies helping business houses In Covid-19 pandemic

Life is unpredictable. It does not matter how well planned you are; there is always a chance of uncertainty. Therefore, the business world keeps a 10-20% margin for any unwanted circumstances. However, what can you do if the whole economic system collapses, and there is no chance of survival of your business?

This is what happened during the year 2020 after the advent of a novel coronavirus, also known as Covid-19. It affected almost every business on every scale. People are forced to work from home to continue their businesses. This is the last resort for them. In this critical time, outsourcing companies are helping these businesses to remain functional.

The role of the outsourcing industry is crucial during COVID-19. The level of service they provide can be a make or break for the different industries around the globe. I will give you a brief overview of the outsourcing role during COVID-19.


How are Outsourcing Companies Helping?

The advent of COVID-19 has significantly impacted businesses of all types. The economic disaster has led to the closing of some major corporates around the globe. The worldwide lockdown situation has limited people inside their homes. This has some severe repercussions on the functioning of businesses.

Most of the businesses need some sort of physical interaction to keep them functional. Some of the major businesses are:

·       Restaurants

·       Shopping Marts

·       Mailing

·       BPO

·       Project Management


The restaurant is one of the most thriving businesses in the world, with billions of consumers. People have made fortunes by starting small and then reaching the top. Business models of restaurant chains like McDonald’s and KFC are considered as the role model for most of the food restaurant businesses.

However, the revenue depends on the dine-in and takeaway orders. With the lockdown situation, people are not able to visit the outdoors for eating and meeting. This is a big hit for the restaurant business, and survival is solely dependent on home delivery. Unfortunately, restaurants themselves are not capable of delivering riders on such massive scales.

Here comes the role of outsourcing companies like Delivery Hero. With their mass reach through web and mobile applications, restaurants are capitalizing on it. With a little profit sharing with these delivery companies, the restaurant businesses can survive in such critical times.

Shopping Marts

It is unsafe to visit shopping malls during this time. Although shopping malls claim to take all the necessary precautions; however, the arrangements are unsatisfactory. People are and should avoid visiting these malls unless it is essential. This led to the need for delivery of groceries at the doorsteps of the customers.

However, shopping malls are not prepared to cater to the need for such massive deliveries. Therefore, outsourcing became essential in this department, as well. The transit companies like Uber is helping the businesses to deliver the essential goods at the doorsteps of the customers.

People can select the items using a mobile or web application and choose the delivery service of their choice at a reasonable rate, and that is it. All the essential items will be delivered within the day or two.

This is a great relief for the big and small grocery stores because this is allowing the continuity of their businesses.


Although people have stopped buying big electronic devices, however small appliances and tech gadgets are still in demand during the lockdown. The eCommerce stores are thriving during the lockdown with the help of mailing/currier service companies. These companies are offering considerable assistance to the eCommerce sector.

The fast delivery, even during the strict lockdown, is paving the way for consistent business for the eCommerce sector, which is good for the economy. All of this is possible due to the vast and established network of these mailing and logistics companies, which allow such a remarkable outcome.


The sole revenue of many businesses depends on the marketing campaign efforts through cold calling, mass emailing, and participating in tradeshows. However, amid the lockdown situation, all tradeshows are cancelled. The whole responsibility is on marketing efforts through calls and emails.

Here comes the crucial role of the BPO companies who are providing an excellent service to these companies. With the help of professional, experienced, and well-trained staff, these companies can run a great marketing campaign for their clients. This is a real ray of hope for the survival of these businesses.

Project Management

With the amid lockdown situation, companies are not able to get the right expertise and unable to complete the project. There are several other reasons like budgetary constraints, which leads to downsizing of the company. The lack of capable human resources has led to the incompletion of many projects.

These companies required an affordable solution for this problem, which is essential for their survival. Here comes the role of project management companies. They are assisting different companies around the globe with the help of their expertise. This is a fast and easy solution, which is a survival hack for companies during corona times.

These outsourcing companies can either manage the portion of the project or take charge of everything, depending on the requirements and budget.


In a nutshell, the whole world is passing through some difficult times, and the businesses need to keep them functional so they can stay in the game. Although most of the businesses are shutting down because of the budgetary constraints and lack of capable human resources, however, some businesses have managed to continue with the help of outsourcing companies.

There are different types of outsourcing services, but the most prevalent one is the delivery of goods from the stores or restaurants to the customer’s doorstep. This can be done quickly with the help of web and mobile applications at a very affordable price.

Some of the outsourcing companies have transitioned themselves into multiservice companies who are catering to the needs of different companies. This is a great relief for many businesses as they do not need to hire a new workforce, and the task could be done with the help of these outsourcing partners.