How To Choose a Bail Bondsman

Navigating the legal system is not a fun process, especially if you or a loved one has been arrested. Taking the time to research bail bonds companies can help. A bail bondsman is someone who agrees to take on the financial responsibility if the defendant does not show up to court. This allows you to be released from jail until the court date for a fraction of the bail amount set by the judge.

Do You Need One?

When you work with a bail bonds company, you will generally be charged around ten percent of the total bail amount for services. This can be much more affordable for the average person and, since most people show up for their court dates, is a good profit for the bond company. Once you have decided that you need the help of a bondsman Scranton PA company, it is a good idea to research a couple before making the call.

Have You Researched Them?

Even though everything seems in a rush when you are arrested, taking the time to research bail bonds can make a big difference. You will want to see which ones are backed by the Better Business Bureau and licensed to work in your area because they are more likely to have a good history in the industry. Many companies will be able to work with you and your financial situation to get everything figured out as well as be open all day, every day. You can also ask the court for a list of companies they work well with for recommendations.

A bail bondsman can help you or a loved one be released from jail between the time of your arrest and your court date. You will usually pay the bond company ten percent of the bail set by the judge and the bondsman can help you contact the court to see what that amount is. With a little bit of research, you can find a good company to work with and relieve some stress from the situation.