Kitchen gadgets review: EcoLogyk kettle – be an eco-hero with zero effort

Rhik Samadder with a cup of tea made using his Ecologyk kettle
‘Our grandchildren will die on a scorched rock because we can’t make tea properly’ Photograph: Graham Turner for the Guardian


The Wahl EcoLogyk kettle (£59.99, is a bicameral water heater with a plunger-controlled partition. Regulating fluid transfer between reservoirs ensures only the necessary volume is boiled.


Changing the world begins with a good cuppa. (Except for Marx, who thought all proper tea was theft.)


Rhik Samadder with the EcoLogyk kettle
Cafetiere plunge plus chemistry set satisfaction. Photograph: Graham Turner/Guardian

I don’t mean to be all depressy-spaghetti, but I’m sure our grandchildren will die on a scorched rock because we can’t make tea properly. We know the energy facts: boiling one full kettle is equivalent to a country the size of Wales flushing dolphins down the toilet forever. OK, some of us don’t know the facts. (As others have wondered, why do environmental comparisons always invoke “a country the size of Wales”? It’s the most pass-agg way possible of implying we think Wales is somehow involved. Like: “Hi, a man of your height and appearance and name just stole my dog. Any ideas where I should look?” Let’s just come out with it. Who else would be logging rainforests specifically the shape of Wales? Are you making yourself a mahogany overcoat, Wales?)

Er, anyway, the EcoLogyk – brand wordplay I understand but totally reject – is here to make us eco-heroes, with zero effort. A kettle with two compartments sounds staggeringly redundant. But pushing down the joystick slowly releases water from the large cistern to the lower tank. Even if you’ve filled the kettle, you need only release and boil a mug or two’s worth, if that’s all you need, which is quicker and energy-efficient.

Yes, OK – you could just fill an ordinary kettle less full to begin with. But most of us don’t, because we’re awful. And this thing is nice – sleek, well-equipped, with individual chamber grading and temperature-set buttons for coffee and herbal tea. It does take effort to push down (less able arms may struggle), but exacts quantities with a pressurised “whoosh”, combining cafetiere plunge and chemistry set satisfaction.

As a lazy bastard, using less energy in the house has traditionally been my job. Nonetheless, the EcoLogyk (ugh) saves time, water, electricity and me from myself. Sorted. Now let’s fix ocean acidification and sad pandas.

Any downside?

Without wishing to lower the tone, the knob’s a bit stiff.

Counter, drawer, back of the cupboard?

On the counter, as long as your counter isn’t a coral reef. The size of Wales. 4/5