LG’s Nuclun 2 chipset to power the V10’s successor and not the G5

You may not know this, but LG has been trying its hand at mobile chipset design for a while now. Following its initial Nuclun SoC, the Korean company is at the moment developing its next solution, called Nuclun 2. We first heard about it back in August, and up until now there have been no releases of devices powered by it.

But that could change next year. According to a new (and unconfirmed) rumor out of China, LG will use the Nuclun 2 in the successor to the V10 – a smartphone the company has launched not long ago. Hence, the V10’s successor will be out no sooner than the second half of 2016. That’s quite the wait for the Nuclun 2 to actually make it into a shipping product.

LG’s latest chip will not be powering the G5 (which should arrive in or around April), allegedly because it’s simply not fast enough for the flagship device. Even so, the Nuclun 2 is said to be able to outperform Huawei’s Kirin 950, if not by much. The Nuclun 2 will be manufactured using TSMC’s 16nm process, and it has a CPU which reportedly features Cortex-A72 and Cortex-A53 cores.

As for the Nuclun 3, this one will be aimed at competing head-on with Samsung’s Exynos 8890 (which will power one version of the Galaxy S7), but it’s unclear when the third-gen in-house chipset from LG will hit the streets in a shipping handset. At the rate things are going, it may come much later than the SoC it wants to compete with, however.