It Looks Like Amazon Just Leaked the Date for Amazon Prime Day 2018

Another year has come and gone, and the chaos of Amazon Prime Day is upon us again. When, exactly, will the online shopping mania take place? According to TechRadar, it’s going to happen on Tuesday, July 16, with deals starting at midday the day before.

This date is based on what looks like a leak from Amazon UK: TechRadar came across a Prime Day 2018 banner on the UK site, which they’re assuming wasn’t supposed to be there. Prime Day normally falls on the second Tuesday in July, which would be July 11 this year. But since that day will be dominated by World Cup matches, it makes sense for Amazon to bump it.

Last year, Amazon gave Prime members discounts on Fitbits, smart TVs, Google devices, and more. But really, Prime Day is best for people looking to buy Amazon products. The company has a habit of hawking the best deals on its own devices, like the Echo, the Echo Spot, the Fire tablet, and Fire TV.

So mark your calendars, set aside vacation days, and alert the troops. (Oh, and sign up for Prime if you haven’t.) Prime Day is coming in hot.