Mega PTM to be held in nearly 1000 government schools today, says Sisodia

Mega PTM to be held on July 30 in government schools

In a way to build a connection between parents and teachers of government schools, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Thursday, announced a mega Parents-Teachers-Meeting (PTM) to be held on July 30.

Not only in building a bond between teachers and parents, this mega meeting will also help in starting a first positive dialogue and it is hoped that parents will feel proud that they are also part of the several initiatives being taken by the AAP government, as per reports.

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Details of the mega PTM:

  • Delhi government has decided to conduct the PTMs twice every year
  • Around 16 lakh parents are expected to come for the PTM
  • In a report, Manish Sisodia said that this event will be celebrated like a festival on the lines of private schools
  • The timing of the PTM will be different in morning and evening shift schools
  • Not revealing the amount, Sisodia said that the government sanctioned separate budgets to organise PTMs in nearly 1,000 schools run by it
  • Moreover, Sisodia has urged the parents to give feedback and share their grievances during the meeting
  • Also, during the PTM, the government will also explain the parents about the initiatives taken by the government to improve the quality of education

Meanwhile, in a recent report, Sisodia also announced that on every Friday, between 12 pm and 1 pm, the education officials would be available at their offices to meet the parents in order to address their issues.

Statements from Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia:

“This is the first ever PTM being held in government schools, that too on such a large scale. So far, the PTMs were not held in government schools at all. But now, the PTM will be held biannually in government schools”

Further, he said that the government is improving the quality of education in its schools everyday through policies, new infrastructure including CCTVs, classrooms and furniture.

“The focus of the PTM will be to encourage one-to-one communication between parents and teachers. The parents should celebrate the occasion as it is being held to improve the quality of education in schools,” he said during the press conference.

While concluding, he said there would be welcoming teams in schools for the parents so that they feel proud of this initiative. “It is important to communicate the initiatives of Delhi Government in education, so that parents utilize these schemes properly,” he added.

And at this meet, parents can seek details of performance of their children and get updated with all activities and initiatives taken by the government.

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