MyGadget: Gofar Hilman: Good gadgets are in needs of the beholder

A funny man is always curious about many things.

Primetime radio host with Hard Rock FM, Gofar Hilman, is also an actor — his latest comedy thriller Midnight is now in theaters — a travel book writer, a columnist for Free magazine and an entrepreneur. Gofar knows how to mix business with pleasure.

He collects cameras, most of which he got from endorsing the product, and has an antique car and three motorcycles he would not put on sale at the Lawless store in the posh area of Kemang, South Jakarta, which he established with Seringai vocalist Arian 13.

And he is generous, too, in his own way. He is often invited to talk at universities on public speaking, radio as mass media and how to become an entertainer.

“I’ve even talked at a seminar on psychology with a real psychologist. What do I know about it? But I did it anyway and was afraid the student participants went home with mental illnesses after my session.”

His Twitter account @pergijauh (a rough translation of his first name) has collected nearly 85,000 followers who look forward to his funny preaching and tips every Friday ahead of prayer time.

But he is mostly curious about gadgets, the reason he never sticks with a certain make.

“I always like to know how a gadget works to its fullest, all the ‘what ifs’. If I don’t find it satisfies my needs, I will replace it until I get what I need.”

Gofar, who remains single at 35, said that a gadget can only be good if the owner knows how to utilize it to its maximum potential.

“The thing is, no single product can meet all you need from a gadget. You need complementary [products], each for a different purpose.”

Smartphones and mobile applications

I use an iPhone 6 for my main communication gadget and social media platform. I’m on Twitter, Instagram, Path and YouTube. The latter is the university I graduated from.

I have a Samsung Galaxy A8 that I use only to play mobile games. I often use up my credit just to buy game characters. When I lost my previous phone, the one reason I couldn’t let it go was because of the games on it.

I currently play UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). It’s a cool game and I’m crazy about it.

Because I mostly post photos and videos, I use Fonto and i-Movie applications on my phone.

As a film editing tool, i-Movie is close to perfection because it has a friendly user interface with features such as score and voice dubbing tools that make editing on your phone as easy as working on your PC.


I use a HP Omen gaming notebook; it’s been given to me for review. It is so light I carry it everywhere.

For writing purposes I use the 10-inch tablet-laptop Acer Aspire One.


Besides phones, laptops and the new Sony Walkman, my three cameras are the gadgets I never leave home without.

I like my Sony RX 100 Mark 4 because of its high film quality and complete features. I can create full motion and even super slow-motion videos with the camera just for fun.

The other one is a GoPro Hero 4. I like its small size, fit to be attached to a motorcycle or car window, depending on my needs.

I have a DJI Osmo in my car. I still need to find out what else it can do besides producing unshaky footage for a handheld camera. It’s good, so far, but too perfect for videoblogging.


I collect smartwatches just to appease this burning curiosity over advanced technology.

I wear a Motorola Active for exercise purposes and a Sony Smartwatch 2 and Pebble Steel as fashion items.

I would love to try on an Apple Watch, and if possible, the Lumix GX8, Canon G7X and Sony RX 100 Mark 2. And many more.