Mysterious all-metal Nokia resurfaces in a new set photos

2016 seems to hold particular promise for Nokia and its return to the smartphone market. If you don’t remember, the Microsoft buyout of the Finish’s Titan’s mobile business involved a non-compete clause that prevented the company from releasing smartphones under the Nokia brand. That expired on December 31, 2015 and eager fans can hardly contain their excitement at the possibility of new Nokia handsets. One possible candidate for a 2016 release surfaced in leaked shots a few weeks ago and now it would appear another round of photos of the same model has made it online as well.

If there is one definitive aspect about the design of the handset in question is that it is very boxy, but not necessarily in a bad way, especially considering the all-metal body, disrupted only by a pair of antenna lines on the back.

Other controls that can be spotted on the phone are a volume rocker on the left side and below it the power button. On the flip side, we find something that resembles a well isolated cover, possibly for the SIM tray and microSD card slot. This could hint at some IP rating, but we wouldn’t get our hopes too high.

It is also interesting to note that the newly pictured phone seems to be a different unit, as it lacks the prototype marking of the first one. This does add a bit to the authenticity of the leak and could mean that the device in question is really one of the three new Nokia smartphones, allegedly heading towards a release this year.