New WhatsApp for Android update adds this new feature for beta users


WhatsApp has released a new 2.19.297 beta update for Android users. The update brings with it a new Splash screen feature which is the initial loading screen of the app that shows the WhatsApp logo in the middle of a white background. The light Splash Screen is already visible to everyone on 2.19.297, however, the Dark Splash screen is not visible because the Dark theme feature is not available yet.

Wabetainfo reports that the Facebook-owned app has rolled out the new update for Android users and that the Dark Splash screen will be visible only after the Dark theme feature is released. The report, however, also suggests that a bug might let users get the Dark Splash screen, even if the Dark theme is not enabled. The issue is reported to make the bubbles dark, sometimes.

The Dark Splash screen feature will be made available once the company ensures there aren’t any glitches in the dark mode.

WhatsApp has been quite consistent in releasing updates for both Android and iOS users. It had recently brought a new ‘T’ icon to change the font styles in the camera app and an ability to play voice messages directly from notification panel for iPhone users.

Now this new Splash screen feature which has been added in Android beta version will most likely be made available for both Android and iOS end-users in future.

The dark mode is, however, still under development and unfortunately, WhatsApp has not released a specific released date for the same.