Nintendo Switch 5.0 Update Now Available: Here’s What’s New

Version 5.0 of the Nintendo Switch firmware is now available to download, bringing with it some minor changes and a few new additions.

As Nintendo outlines in its support page, the update adds Friend Suggestions, which makes friend suggestions based on social media accounts connected to the user’s Nintendo Account.

New icons have also been added — 24 of them, in fact. They’re Arms and Kirby-themed, giving users a wider library of user icons to choose from. If for some reason you don’t fancy any of the new ones, it’s easy to imagine Nintendo will add even more when future updates arrive, so keep holding out until your favorite shows up at some point in the future.

The update also gives users the ability to filter news content from specific channels or simply unread news, which should help with organizing news items, especially since they can get cluttered real fast.

With version 5.0, digital purchases made on PC or smartphones and tablets will now begin downloading sooner than they did so previously.

Parental controls have also been made a bit more secure. The control stick now serves as the default input method instead of an onscreen keypad. Plus, captured footage can now show up as restricted based on software that’s been restricted via Settings. Nintendo has also added the ability to add certain titles to a whitelist. When added to this list, titles will disregard the user’s Restricted Software settings.

Nintendo has also updated the Controllers menu to more accurately display the grip colors of the user’s Pro Controller, which is a minor but nice little visual improvement.

Also, Switch users now get a notification when a pre-purchased game is ready to play.

Make sure to read Nintendo’s official patch notes to learn about firmware version 5.0.

How To Update Your Nintendo Switch

To update the Switch to version 5.0, make sure that a stable internet connection is available. Once the console is connected to the internet, it will automatically begin the download process. Once it’s finished, it will notify the user about the update and ask them if they want to install it. Nintendo notes that owners should save any game progress before they continue with the installation.

Finally, tap “update” to install. The console will restart to apply the update. Voilà — the Switch is now updated to version 5.0.