Nokia 230 24K-gold-plating costs more than the phone, still worth it

We understand the urge to have your flagship LG V10 gold-plated, and the gold bath adds an extra bit of flair to curved-body Samsung high-end models Galaxy S6 edge and Note5. But what about that Nokia 230 that you keep in your car’s glove box for backup, or use as a secondary phone for basic needs?

Now Vietnamese specialists in the field of luxury customization Karalux can have the 230 gold-plated in 24K yellow gold too, to match your smartphone attire. We’re only assuming that once you’re looking into gold-plating, you have a smartphone to boot, but even if the unassuming Nokia feature phone is your primary means of communication, at VND 1,500,000 ($67) the treatment is still a bargain.

That’s the price if you bring in your own Nokia 230, but for VND 2,800,000 ($125) the company will happily pull a ready gold-plated one off its store shelves. So in effect, the gold-plating costs more than the phone itself. But who’s to say that you can’t have some bling just because you refuse to be bothered with constant notifications and want a battery life longer than a day.