Preparing For a Garage Sale

You have done your spring cleaning and now you have boxes of things you are ready to get rid of. You want to see it all go to a good home while making a little money back in the process. Here are a few steps to holding a successful garage sale.

Prepare For The Day

While your directional signs are being prepared at the custon sign shop washington, you will need to decide which day to hold your sale. While the weather forecast for the day you want is out of your hands, there are other factors you can think about for the right day. A day around a holiday might have potential buyers out of town. You should check your community’s calendar to see if there are any activities going on.

Shout It Out

Once you have a day picked for your sale, you need to advertise it. You can buy an inexpensive ad in the local paper or post it on social media. You can also post signs all over your neighborhood. The more you advertise for your sale, the better chance you will have people stop by to shop.

Set Up Your Store

Before you can set out your items to sell, you need to set up the spot for your garage sale. You will want to find tables or other flat surfaces to lay out your items. If you are selling clothes, you will want to have a place to hang them up so customers can see them. You also need to stop at the bank for change.

Sort and Price Your Items

You have gathered your items together in boxes. Now you want to work through them so that they are in piles of similar things. Once everything is sorted, then you can put a price on it. Be certain to mark it at a cost reasonable to the customers who will stop by.