Sony details its contributions to smartphone innovation in cool infographic

The next one is the Xperia Z5 Premium – in 2015 when 4K TV was a luxury, the device delivered 4K experience in a 5.5-inch diagonal and insane PPI. But that’s not all – the device was able to record 4K videos as well.

A year before that, Sony’s SmartWatch 3 came out as the first GPS-enabled wearable.

Two years after the Z5 Premium, came the Xperia XZ Premium delivering 4K HDR display, gigabit download capabilities and super slow-motion recording. To be fair the gigabit connection goes to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835, but the 720p slow-motion video in 960fps was pretty darn impressive at the time.

Just a little more than half a year, the company outed the first real-time 3D capturing device – the Xperia XZ1. Although a bit gimmicky at times, still mighty impressive considering the fact that the single camera does all the scanning on the back and the phone does all the number crunching. The 3D images can be later used for 3D prints and digital avatars.

And most recently, the Xperia XZ2 that was released in April this year delivered the first 4K HDR video recording capable of capturing 10-bit color in HLG format.