Spice Mobility to Increase Number of Women Employees

Telecom solutions provider Spice Mobility will increase number of women employees in coming days with its target to bring at least 20 percent of them in leadership roles.

“The global average is 40 percent women employees. We at Spice Mobility will take up the task to have 30 percent women at board level and in leadership role around 20 percent,” Spice Mobility Executive Chairman Dilip Modi said at a Ficci event.

Spice Mobility board Monday appointed Modi as Executive Chairman who was earlier chairman of the board. The board also approved his appointment as Executive Director and handed over additional responsibility of handling business operations along with existing work profile.

Modi said that in service business of Spice, women employees account for around 16 percent of the total.

“It is very less and we have to do more,” Modi said. He said that the company does not see women applying for top positions at Spice which is a matter of concern.

AT&T President – External Affairs for South Asia, Virat Bhatia shared statistics which showed women in India account for 33 percent of total online population.

He shared a data which showed women are very active on social media.

“Women outnumber men on top social media sites. There are more women on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr as compared to men. However, on Linkedin which is career linked website, women account for 8 percent of total users. This need to change,” Bhatia said.