What the Tech: New iOS update

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Sometimes we’ve all looked at that red dot on our settings icon and thought “I’ll download the iPhone update later”. You may not want to wait this time.

Apple released iOS 11.2.5 this week, the 10th update since iOS 11 was released last fall. While it isn’t a major update, 11.2.5 does include some security fixes that should solve a problem many iPhone users complained about last week.

On Twitter and Reddit, iPhone users reported getting iMessages that, when opened, locked up or froze their phones. The malicious links were being sent to iPhone users who unwittingly opened the message not knowing who it was from. Apple said the newest update, available now, fixes a bug that allowed for the malicious iMessages to lock up the phones.

As with every Apple update, there are other security fixes included in 11.2.5 as well.

Apple is giving Siri a little more control. After updating the OS, you can now ask Siri to read the news. She’ll start a podcast from NPR with the latest news briefing. You’ll also have the option to change the default podcast to The Washington Post or Fox News.

Apple also released more information about the next big update to iOS 11, 11.3 which will come out this spring. In it, your health information can be stored in Apple’s Health App. The information is gathered when the user logs into their patient portal of their health system and grants permission for Apple to access it. Once that is complete the user will be able to see upcoming appointments, test results and prescriptions within the app. The information can also be shared.

iOS 11.3 will also include new animoji, the animated emoji many iPhone users fell in love with in iOS 11. The new characters include a dragon and a smiling skull.

Apple says new OS for the Apple Watch, Apple TV and Mac computers will also be available in the spring.