Thanks to iOS 12, iPhone Users Can Check Their Screen Time, and I’m Panicking a Little

Reactions to iOS 12 Screen Time Update

The iOS 12 update has given us a few gifts in the form improved Siri suggestions, the ability to search Apple Music songs by lyrics, and of course, the entertaining memojis. However, there’s one addition to the operating system that’s leaving users . . . unsettled. Now, updated iPhones and iPads include a “Screen Time” tool, which will reveal the honest truth about our usage habits. Yikes.

The new feature will break down where on your phone you spend the most time, whether that’s social networking, productivity, or reading and reference. While this tool can definitely be useful, fans are finding it tough to look their screen time in the face, and it’s yielding some hilarious results. Keep reading to see what the internet has to say about this new iOS addition — it might be an adjustment, but something tells us it’s for the best.