The Importance of Having a Team Leader

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The Importance of Having a Team Leader

Regardless of the situation, a team without a clear leader will generally be highly ineffective and inefficient. This tends to hold true whether it is a sports team, military unit or corporate team or division. A team can have the best talent included in it but without someone who is leading the team and who is able to make clear decisions that talent could be wasted. It is also the case that a team leader must be well suited to the job in order to perform well and, by extension, for the team to perform well. A good team leader will not only fill their roll but will enable the team members to fill and succeed in their own roles as well.

Characteristics of a Good Leader

Good team leaders, such as Eyal Gutentag, will generally possess a variety of traits that enable them to perform at a high level, often under considerable stress while still leading a team of individuals to accomplish a goal. These characteristics will usually include patience and a deep understanding of how people work, as well as an understanding of the industry the team they are leading is working in. Generally, good leaders are developed rather than born and therefore it is important to look at someone’s resume and work history when considering them for a leadership position.

Finding The Right Leader

Finding the right person to lead a team can be difficult. It is an important decision and it is difficult to determine someone’s leadership potential from a few interviews and resume reviews. As such, it is important to attempt to find references, validate work history and do as much review of a person’s experience as possible. In addition to this, it can be beneficial to search for someone on the internet and social media to obtain a better understanding of who they are.

While finding a leader of a team can be tough if the right leader is found the reward is often significant.