Tips to Revive Your Dry Cleaning Business

4 Ways for Dry Cleaning Operations to Cut Costs - Irving Weber Associates, Inc.

If your dry cleaning business has recently had a decrease in sales or it seems like you’re losing customers, you should take swift action. There are several things that you can do that may improve efficiency and enhance profitability.

Offer Mobile Services

People have made a big move towards making purchases online and having them delivered. They appreciate being able to have that same convenience with how they do their dry cleaning. Offer a delivery service where customers can place orders online to get items picked up and delivered straight to their door. People especially like the ease of managing deliveries with a user-friendly app and getting notifications to stay up to date about what’s happening with their orders. Use dry cleaning mobile phone software that makes home delivery easier for customers and your staff.

Never Stop Advertising

Even if you’ve been operating in the same location for years, you should never stop marketing your business. Dry cleaning is a somewhat competitive industry, so you need to put some time and attention into marketing in order to distinguish your business from your competitors’ businesses. Use social media platforms, keep your customers engaged with email marketing campaigns, and consider a direct mail outreach initiative.

Go Green

Environmental concerns as well as more awareness towards physical health has prompted a greater interest in dry cleaning methods that are eco-friendly. People want to work with businesses that make an effort to mitigate their environmental impact. Also, they don’t want to consume or expose themselves to anything that they may perceive to be potentially unhealthy. Advertising all-natural or eco-friendly options may spark new interest in your business and help you grow your customer base.

When you can improve customers’ experiences, you’ll be more likely to keep their business for years to come. Take some steps to show the customers in your community that you value their business.