Trade it: Where to hide during recessions

The first reading of fourth-quarter GDP released Friday morning missed expectations and showed the economy just barely treading above water. What do you buy if the economy does dip into negative territory later this year?

Fourth-quarter real GDP rose 0.7 percent versus the Wall Street consensus of 0.8 percent, so the chance of a recession in 2016 is now a distinct possibility.

Credit Suisse covered this very topic in a note to clients Wednesday titled “Lessons from Past Recessions” by Lori Calvasina, the firm’s U.S. equity strategist.

Using Kensho, a quantitative tool used by hedge funds, CNBC Pro screened for the best performing sectors and Dow Jones industrial average stocks during time periods since 1980 where real GDP growth fell between 0 percent and negative 3 percent.
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