Two Mobiles

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If you attended last week’s Mobile City Council meeting or watched it livestreamed, you now know that Ashley Trice’s editorial (Hidden Agenda, July 25) and conclusions regarding Ladd-Peebles Stadium were shortsighted.

You were way too quick to jump on the mayor’s bandwagon before gathering the facts. You brushed off the importance of the history of Ladd to our city and failed to report that many of us think this story is really about the creation of two Mobiles.

As it turns out, evidence from the Ladd board and the opinion of quite a few forward-thinking people is that Mobile can support two stadiums with a little creativity and vision. Ashley’s recommendations failed to grasp the importance of the issue or all the facts and sided with the creation of two Mobiles.

We need leadership and vision from Lagniappe, not shortsightedness.