UGC takes steps to control drug consumption among students

 University Grants Commission

In a bid to overhaul the growing use of drugs among youngsters, the University Grants Commission is planning to design drug rehabilitation programmes to mitigate the rising addiction among new students.

According to PTI, the UGC is asking the varsities and colleges to take stringent steps to make students aware about intoxication. The commission has written a letter to the vice chancellors, and UGC secretary Jaspal S Sandhu, saying that universities should take the pro-active steps not only to make the youth live a healthy life but also to stay away from the addiction of intoxicants.

“The youth are becoming highly dependent on drugs and substances which are not only ruining their academic career but it is a financial burden on their families,” the senior UGC official said.

The UGC wrote an impelling letter to the universities, mentioning that it is the moral responsibility of the university to safeguard students from such illicit activities which can ruin both their career and health.

How will this be carried out?

It would definitely not be easy for colleges to invite students in a rehab programme, so they have found another way to handle this situation. The lessons will be imparted on occasions like annual day, cultural festivals and even convocation days.

The ministry is planning to launch this from Freshers’ Day, targeting freshers, who would either get vigil from entering this dangerous addiction, or come out of it at the very beginning of their university education.