Wednesday Tech Crawl: Magic Leap’s mixed-reality headset is finally here; shrugs at $2,295?

Happy Wednesday! Here are a few of the tech stories we’re taking a look at today.

A Leap, but maybe not so Magic?

Mystery mixed-reality company Magic Leap has finally brought it first product out of the shadows. The Magic Leap One, which is selling at $2,295, is available for pre-order. According to CNET, the device is only being sold in a few markets and requires white-glove delivery setup. (And you’re out of luck if you wear glasses; you’ll need to order prescription lenses to use it or wear contacts.) Austin isn’t on CNET’s list, but entering an Austin zip code does seem to get you to the ordering page, so good luck with that if you’re interested. The Verge has a hands-on look at the Magic Leap One and says the device is solid, but perhaps not the stunning leap forward that some were expecting. While The Verge praises it as an evolutionary step, it also points out some flaws in the software. Want another take? Read MIT Technology Review’s deep dive.

Alex Jones update: Twitter yes, MailChimp no

If you’ve been following the saga of Austin’s Alex Jones and the fall from grace on social media his company is experiencing, you may want to know that Twitter so far has NOT banned Jones’s accounts, but the email service MailChimp has.

Taking Tesla private?

Is Elon Musk taking a page from Michael Dell’s playbook? The leader of Tesla and Space-X hinted that he might want to take the car company private at $420 a share. Trading was halted because of this Tweet. Will it happen? Your guess is as good as ours.\

Going commando with your phone: living dangerously

Don’t have a case on your phone? What kind of monster are you!? (From College Humor)