What To Expect From a Diversion Course

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You lose your temper one night and lash out, causing property damage and inspiring fear in those around you. You may get caught hiring a prostitute. If you find yourself in front of the judge for certain kinds of criminal offenses, part of your penance may be a diversion course. Whether it’s an anger management class or a john school diversion program, there are two benefits you can expect from these courses.

Educational Resources

In the classroom setting, you are among your peers. The people taking the class with you are likely there because they, too, need to learn the skills taught in the program. Learning any new skill starts with a solid knowledge base. Diversion courses are designed to reform your way of thinking about the situations that lead you to commit the particular offense that you were charged with. Instructors know that if you don’t first understand why your behavior is a problem, you are unlikely to stick to whatever strategies they propose to make better choices.

Behavioral Strategies

Even when armed with the most up-to-date knowledge, you need concrete strategies to keep you from falling back into old habits. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a treatment plan that not only addresses the way you think about an issue but also gives you practical ways to apply that knowledge. It teaches you to manage your triggers and the emotions surrounding them. For example, in anger management classes you learn to recognize how your body reacts when you get angry. That way, as soon as you feel those emotions coming on, you can remove yourself from the situation or find a healthy way to expend that surge of energy.

Being ordered to take a diversion course doesn’t have to be a drudgery. You may find that you learn some valuable information and good ways to cope with your triggers.