wishlist of D Swathi, software engineer

My 2016 wishlist: D Swathi, software engineer
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For almost two years, I spent five hours on a bus [in Bangalore] getting to and from work.

Two-wheeler pooling is something that is not available at the moment. A person working in a different company but in the same business park can offer such a service. Delhi’s odd-even formula would be good if people in Bangalore opt for it, but I don’t think they will do that. Our company asked us to carpool, but I see that 90% of the employees come in their own cars and don’t invite anyone to join them.

But I would follow such a system. Taxi-pooling is good for me if there is another woman in the car. But nowadays, we can’t trust any taxi-hailing services. I do use them but I still message my friends saying I am coming by cab and then provide them the car number. Until that fear goes, taxi-pooling won’t work.

Public transport is good. There is a bus every five minutes and it really works. But in some areas, people only use personal vehicles. So, the first thing is that they can go for the even-odd number plate system. People should opt for car-pooling, two-wheeler pooling and even bus-pooling (people from one locality organise a private bus). If such initiatives are adopted, then people can travel safely and quickly.