Worm charming and toe wrestling at World Alternative Games

Crowds watches as a woman jumps, arms and legs spread, into the water

The unusual sport is set to feature alongside gravy wrestling, bog snorkelling and belly flopping as a sporting event with a difference is held in Powys.

On Friday the World Alternative Games starts in Llanwrtyd Wells.

And you might want to dig out your space hopper to join in the wacky races.

The idea to host the offbeat games in mid Wales came about in 2012 when London hosted the Olympics and local people hatched a plan to entice visitors to their area.

Since then competitions have risen from 35 to 65 with events like space hopper racing run over three weeks.

Children race on bouncy hoppers along a grassy fieldImage copyrightWORLD ALTERNATIVE GAMES
Image captionBouncy hopper racing is a popular competition among children

However, the town has a history of creating unusual events, with bog snorkelling in its 33rd year and an annual man versus horse race going back to 1980.

One of the games organisers, Peter Jones, said the more established events like bog snorkelling now attracted thousands of spectators.

Overseas visitors are expected to be among the crowds between 10-27 August, along with foreign camera crews interested to see the sights at the games which are hosted every two years.

Another organiser, Pete Brown, landlord of the Stonecroft Inn and Hostel, added: “We are getting lots of interest in taking the brand abroad, but the World Alternative Games as an event will always be in Llanwrtyd Wells.”

Two men wrestle toe-to-toe as one competitor arches his back with a pained expressionImage copyrightWORLD ALTERNATIVE GAMES
Image captionTo win at toe-wrestling you need to force your rival’s digit to the floor
Woman slides down a water slide on an inflatable mattressImage copyrightWORLD ALTERNATIVE GAMES
Image captionCould you be the next champ? Slide the furthest to win the water slide competition
Three men race around a course on office chairs watched by a crowdImage copyrightWORLD ALTERNATIVE GAMES
Image captionAnd they’re off… it’s the office chair race
Woman drags a man along the ground covered in a slippery, wet plasticImage copyrightWORLD ALTERNATIVE GAMES
Image captionHusband dragging is another popular event, along with wife carrying
Man in mid throw, one foot extended behind him, as judge prepares to measure the distanceImage copyrightWORLD ALTERNATIVE GAMES
Image captionHay bale tossing looks like it requires a strong back
Woman in goggles and snorkel is partly submerged with only her head showing above the waterImage copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Image captionThis year marks the 33rd World Bog Snorkelling Championships