100 Personal Finance Blog Ideas

100 Personal Finance Blog Ideas •

Personal Finance is one of the most popular blogging niches around right now. There is a lot of money to be made from teaching others how to handle their money. And the really great thing about personal finance topics is that they fit well in other niches like lifestyle or parenting.

 If you’ve been thinking of starting a personal finance blog, use these 100 ideas to get started. You’ll have your weekly blog posts planned out for almost two years!

 If you already have a personal finance blog, I’m sure you’ll find some new ideas to inspire you and your readers!

Home & Electricity

  • The Most Cost-Effective Electricity Options
  • Reasons For Investing in Solar Panels
  • The Best Time Frame to use Electricity
  • Conservation Tips For Your Electricity
  • The Best Options for Conserving Heat
  • How To Understand Your Electrical Bill
  • Buying Energy Efficient Appliances (A Guide)
  • The Best Energy-Saving Light Bulbs (Reviews)
  • Making The Most Of Your Yard & Garden
  • Tips To Conserve Energy When You’re Gardening
  • Make Extra Money by Renting Out Unused Space

Home & Groceries

  • How To Manage A Household On A Budget
  • How Buying Ahead Can Save You BIG
  • Reducing Food Waste with Pre-made Meals
  • Using Flyers To Get The Best Deals
  • How Ad Match & Lowest Price Guarantees Can Be Used
  • The Benefits of Using Coupons
  • Short On Cash? Try The Generic Brands!
  • Deciding Which Grocery Store Is Best (A Guide)
  • Sign-Up For Your Local Grocery Mailing List
  • The Best Ways To Save Money At Home
  • The Top 10 Most Inexpensive Recipes
  • How To Turn Left-overs Into A Whole New Meal
  • Learning To Make Your Favorite Dishes
  • How Drinking Water Actually Saves You Money
  • The Benefits of Breakfast In The Morning
  • Tips To Eat Less Throughout The Day
  • Always Choose Paper Over Plastic
  • Bring Your Own Bag To The Grocery Store
  • The Benefits of Buying In Bulk
  • The Most Energy Efficient Deep-Freezer (A review)
  • Why Fast Food is Bad For You & Your Wallet
  • Alternatives To Fast Food (Or Eating Out)
  • Write A Shopping List, And Stick To It!
  • Never Do Groceries When You’re Hungry (A list of reasons)

Financial Institutions

  • Open a High-Interest Savings Account
  • Open a High-Interest Bank Account
  • Sign-Up To Financial Institutions with Rewards
  • Negotiate The Interest On Current Accounts
  • Change Your Credit Card: Lowest Interest Possible
  • Choose Credit Cards with Reward Systems
  • The Benefits of Reward Cards
  • Reasons You Should Do Every Satisfaction Survey
  • How You Can Win Big Through Contests
  • Tips For Getting A Service Fee Waived
  • Make Sure You’re Not Overpaying
  • The Importance of a Good Insurance Premium
  • How To Figure Out The Fine Print
  • Figure Out Your Job Benefits
  • Think About A Higher-Paying Job
  • Consider Turning Your Skills into A Side-Hustle

Learning New Skills

  • Offer a Cleaning/Organizing Service for Money
  • Offer to Pet or Babysit for Money
  • Learn New Skills To Save/Make Money (Sewing, etc)
  • Freelance Skills That Are in The Highest Demand
  • Fix Anything That Breaks!
  • How To Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies
  • How To Make Your Own Bath Bombs
  • How To Make Your Own Soap
  • Make Gifts Instead Of Buying Them
  • Offer Your Time Instead of a Gift


  • Cancel Any Subscriptions You No Longer Use
  • Remove Unused Cellphone Services
  • Remove Unused Cable/Internet Services
  • Be Mindful of All Your Bills
  • How Stress-Shopping Might Be Hurting Your Wallet
  • Why It’s Best To Stay Away From Malls
  • If You Can Buy It Used, Go For It!
  • Tips For Shopping Second-hand
  • Tips for Selling Online & Offline
  • Where To Sell Your Unwanted Goods (A review of websites)
  • The Benefits To Having A Yard Sale
  • Why Community Yard Sales Are So Popular
  • Time To Quit: A Guide To The Cost of Vices
  • Tips To Stay Strong and Budget Conscious
  • The 30-Day Rule of Buying Something New


  • Invite Guests Over Instead of Going Out
  • Fun Solutions for At-Home Get-Togethers
  • The Best Way To Entertain on a Budget
  • 10 Ways To Entertain For Free!
  • The Most Cost-Effective Entertainment Solutions
  • How To Find Local Entertainment for Free
  • Rent Instead of Buying Movies & TV
  • How To Entertain The Kids for Less
  • How Reading a Book Can Save You Money


  • Reducing Your Transportation Costs (A Guide)
  • The Multiple Benefits of Cycling
  • How Carpooling Can Help Everyone
  • How Faster Driving Can Cost You, Big!
  • Choosing The Best Route for Traveling
  • The Best Food To Pack for Road Trips
  • Cheap & Healthy Snack Food Alternatives
  • How To Treat Yourself Without Spending A Dime


  • Get Creative and Make Money (A List of Ideas)
  • Turn Your Hobby or Passion Into A Career
  • Learning How To Market Your Skills
  • A Starter’s Guide To Being Freelance
  • The Best Online Marketplace for Independent Artists
  • The Best Ways To Make Money Online (A List)
  • Making Money Through Affiliate Marketing

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