9 Financial blogs to further your knowledge of finance

10 Most Popular Finance Blogs You'll Want to Follow Right Now

If you are seeking to gain some further insight into world finance and the UK economy, or just want to delve deeper into factors that could affect your personal financial position, then it is likely that there is a financial blog out there for you. To help you to discover some of the best, we have compiled a list of the top ten most informative, accessible and original financial blogs into a single list for you to browse through below.

1. The Banker’s Umbrella

Boasting the title ‘the world’s most popular financial blog’, The Bankers Umbrella has been recognised worldwide for its unique style of writing on private banking and wealth management. Written in a colloquial and witty tone, the blog proves an informative yet enjoyable read. Recommended by the Wall Street Journal Money Magazine, featured in newspapers such as the Financial Times and hosting over thirty thousand visitors a month, this blog is a necessity for all who wish to gain some vital insider’s knowledge on all things financial.

2. Dealbreaker

With a focus on the latest financial news headlines in the US, this blog offers a fresh approach to commenting on banking, private equity and important personalities within the professional financial world.

3. Calculated Risk

This independently run economics blog is accessible, factual and concise. Providing readers with useful information on housing matters such as mortgaging issues and much more, the commentary provided is designed to give readers useful insight on practical personal finance issues.

4. Pragmatic Capitalism

Offering practical views on money and finance, this blog, written by Cullen Roche, attempts to answer the difficult questions in the fields of economics and finance. Not only are blogs frequently posted, this website also provides a platform for financial discourse through its forum.

5. Alphaville

Hosted by the FT, Alphaville is an extremely up to date blog, providing subscribers with expert and professional financial developments every working morning – designed specifically to be accessed by financial professionals on the move, keeping them up to date with the latest news worldwide.

6. Monevator

As suggested by the title, this blog has a strong focus on the accumulation, expansion and saving of personal wealth. The relaxed style of writing makes for an easy read, simply providing readers with the author’s view of markets and the savings landscape.

7. Short Takes

This US-based stock market blog provides free access to an impressive collection of articles. Regularly updated, this blog expertly covers topics on investment, economic cycles and stocks in general. Recommended as one to watch if your interests lie further afield than just UK shores.

8. Under the Money Tree

Written in a jargon-free tone by an investment banker, this blog posts about personal finance matters and tips for savers.

9. Planet Money

Producing both a blog and a twice weekly podcast, Planet Money is ‘the economy explained’. In simple terms, this blog deals with day to day financial issues and posts interesting articles that seek to explain and analyse key economic debates.